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Thursday, April 18th, 2019



Watch these Mega Mud Trucks Gets Massive Air off the Hill N Hole Jump at Twitty’s Mud Bog during the 2014 4×4 cross Throttle King Finale. This is the original Mega Trucks Gone Wild video.

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  1. Espectacular estos americanos si saben como gozarse la vida

  2. el ultimo se dio vuelta no me la esperaba

  3. Perfect. No talking, no music. Wish the TV companies could learn this skill.

  4. 3:23 now that’s high
    (It kinda looks like a flat skull)

  5. that's how you do it !!!

  6. Класс👍👍👍

  7. 5 second run , 3 hours of pressure washing

  8. Fuckin annoying ass announcer

  9. Doesn’t get any whiter than this

  10. I'd like to punch that announcer in the fucking throat.

  11. Вот это трактора!!! А зачем такие высокие??? Набок же завалить легче

  12. wow its amazing and its very cool

  13. How much money spent on the truck…but still have $5 wiper blades?

  14. City folk:why do you play in the mud that can’t be fun
    Announcer:go on yee yee go on yea yea wwwooooo

  15. That Bronco deserves the thumbnail, no question.

  16. The last guy was like I'm a fuckin send it and then after he crashes he be like maybe I sent it a little too hard lol😂

  17. How do these guys afford such costly modifications to their trucks ?

  18. Stupid ass comentater, JUST STFU!!

  19. I wonder at what point, will anyone modify a Sherp like some of these trucks. I don't understand the physics or mechanics behind it, but I'm guessing having like a 1,000 HP Sherp would = a very bad day (to the vehicle, occupant, or both). 😉

  20. Truck is badass, announcer is an idiot.

  21. The guy with the microphone sounds like he’s goin commando in the bedroom

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