22 Responses to “Monster Jam Course Breakdown with Ryan Anderson!”

  1. Hoonigan Bonus

    NEWSFLASH! Since our man Ryan Anderson crushed it in the Freestyle Competition at Monster Jam, Sand Diego >>> it's HOONIGAN GOLD sticker time >>> grab a FREE GOLD CBar sticker with any order, FREE GOLD Hits V2 Koozie w/$50 orders, FREE GOLD Hits V2 Mug w/$100 orders >>> 48hrs only, while supplies last >>> only at hoonigan.com!

  2. Latnlvr

    So I met Ryan in person before a monster jam show in Detroit. I can say he is one of the most genuine and real dudes there is. The kind of guy you want to have as a friend. He high fived my 4 year old son and told him he was going to win the freestyle for him. My son was pumped for 2 days after that!! Made my boys day. Ryan broke and my son was bummed but my wife and I told our son that he tried his best and that’s all we ask of our boy, to always try his best.

  3. Kaleb Brown

    I got to work a monster jam, and I had to help clean up all the dirt in an enclosed stadium. While sweeping I got to see them take off all the tires, mind you 5 year old he was coming out because I was 10ft away from my favorite trucks growing up. In an arena these thing are SO FREAKIN LOUD!

  4. Shawn Paradox

    Haven't watched monster jam in years
    I had blue thunder as a toy so you know that was my favourite lol

    The biggest thing back then was max d doing flips

  5. doubleutubefan5

    Been a fan of monster jam since I grew up.
    Man am I loving this content and seeing the behind-the-scenes. don't think I can ever get tired of Monster Jam

  6. Roy Nelson

    Ryan is already a legend in his own time just like his dad and everybody loves behind the scenes and the real action practices and knowing about the vehicles big badass trucks and they take a beating to entertain but they're doing what they love to do and we love that I know a dude that is building a monster truck he hasn't got past the frame but he's working on it you guys have a good one nothing but big love from South CarolinaπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™πŸ€™


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