15 Responses to “Monster Jam Sign Up Series #168 Field Of Trucks!”

  1. Dee Gravelrama

    So if I put no thought in it & just say "any truck" there is a better chance of getting put on one based on how early I comment rather than watching the video & picking one that looks cool or that I like because of the chance that someone picked it already? Is that better the strategy for future picks on this channel if I want to make it? (This is not sarcasm or shade, I am legitimately asking in case I am missing something)

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for putting me in a truck I know it’s hard typing my channel name up but hey it’s good to be back in the sign up Series 168

  3. Currie Gaming

    Do you have any advice for me I have been trying to do a sign up series for my monster trucks but people just don’t wanna sign up for my sign up series is my YouTube popularity low or is it something else


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