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27 Responses to “Monster Jam Steel Titans: NEW TRUCKS REVEALED AND PHOTOS!! May 2019!”

  1. Jacobwd 2002

    What they should do is make the trucks that are the same skins or trucks that look 99% the same as skins (monster mutts, el Toro locos)

  2. layne hekter

    Mtd got an update today and got two new trucks. Rustbucket and schooled. They are both on my channel if you wanna take a look

  3. Lincoln Loud

    Happy Monster X tour day!!! Here's the lineup for Lexington, KY:

    Bigfoot- Zane Lyre
    All Beefed Up- Matt Ming
    Camo Command- Michell Ming
    Backwards Bob- Bobby Bols
    After Shock- Jeremy Kay
    Big Kahuna- Kyle O'neil

  4. Kung-E Muller

    Those trucks look totally awesome. Just in time for the summer, too! I think that some of those trucks will be great enough to win this year.

  5. Baschemon

    I don't mind seeing The Black & Yellow El Toro's, but I don't like the fact they're adding none competing trucks to the base game, they could've been like preorder DLC or something, but take what's given I suppose. Sweet to see Blue Thunder at least. I'm STILL holding out for Avenger base or more tan likely I HOPE DLC.

  6. CrazyFern 784

    The tracks for the game revealed so far are:
    Denver (Triple Threat)
    And what seems to be a ripoff San Diego


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