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24 Responses to “Monster Jam World Finals 2017 Freestyle!”

  1. TryHard

    I've been trying to find this, guess you changed the title lol. I'm binge watching every world finals video I can find before world finals 20

  2. Monster Jam Man Its Great

    Top 5 World Finals Moments:

    5: MMD Triple Clear – WF9
    4: Mohawk Warrior Consecutive Backflip – WF13
    3: Scarlet Bandit Crash/Save – WF9
    2: Mad Scientist Front Flip – WF18
    1: El Toro Loco Semi Through Stuck Bounty Hunter – WF5

  3. nicole's movies

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  4. Robert Gill

    I know it’s not easy I’m sure to get close to photos of these monster trucks moving. The word I’m looking for is close ups

  5. Santiago H Penaloza

    I've realised that if there was the old judging system, Jim would have won as his big air/wow factor were inside the regulation time (first 90 seconds), while both the frontflip and the reverse backflip frome lee and neil respectively, were done in bonus time (last 30 seconds)


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