44 Responses to “Monster Jam World Finals 2018 Freestyle!!”

  1. Brandy Siddique

    Kids dentist is going out today because they were cleaning the kids and then I had it
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  3. James Avery

    I get you're frustration.The world is so safety sally anymore. Couple one in a million accidents and they dilute the sport. Just like when a asshole shoots up a school they want to take all you're guns cause they're "Dangerous"

  4. Jonathon Holmes

    Got 10 min into it, fk that, the dudes voice in the background thats yelling every 2 fking seconds ruined it for me and my son…. oh wait, we already saw this in person…. but still fking annoying…. GO GRAVE DIGGER

  5. Refuse Kid15

    I don’t think there was a single a person in that stadium who’s excited emotions didn’t fall and crash into the floor when Avenger flipped over on that first hit. I was there, and when it happened, it took me about 5 minutes to believe that had actually happened. Jim had done so good the previous year, it was the last world finals in Vegas, and everyone (like myself) really wanted to see Jim rock the house like he did before, and it just didn’t happen.

  6. Joe Clark

    After removing all guns and the word gun from gunslinger.. Yet another sport that has gone political.. And till they start concentrating on the sport and stop pushing political agenda they will never see another penny of my money.. Just like the NFL & the NBA..
    Do your job and keep your opinion to yourselves..

  7. graham werner

    I had to turn it off after 15 minutes I couldn't stand the running commentary of oohs and aahs and the endless nice , first time at Monster Jam???. Shame cause the video quality was pretty decent.

  8. Progje

    Funny that the song Thriller did no copyright claim on this video.
    I have posted a video of me playing far cry and got copyright claims on sounds that don't even is music. Check it out. Youtube make no sense at all. Glad i deleted my other channel with 1500+ subs where i got demonetised while youtube red seems to still make money on them while i got demonetised. Me no money, youtube also dont get money of my video's

    But to be honest, this is soooo boring after a while. a couple of times is fun but after 30 minutes, there is no more fun to it.

  9. Aaron AltKid

    It makes me sad to see how all of monster jam has changed. There’s nothing interesting anymore. The characters they had back then, everything just seems to be for show now instead of the fans, the tracks are trash, I mean yeah maybe one or two mountains. But man what happened to all the really good obstacles? It’s sad man. I don’t understand how they don’t let the drivers get back up and continue if they have enough time left. In conclusion. RIP Monster jam 1992-2011.

  10. Nick Young

    Can you just shut the hell up good lord like how deprived were you when you were younger that your getting excited over these runs they are pathetic compared to what they were doing in the mid 2000’s it’s just sad to see how pussified this sport has become the only thing the mid 00’s didn’t have were the backflips


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