A couple new Monster Jam trucks arrived in early 2014. Scooby Doo and Zombie. Both are custom castings with their own unique body. I was glad to see Zombie at my very first Monster Jam even in Anaheim, California in January, 2014.

The new Mattel Monster Jam packages shown in this video are:
Off-Road Demolition Doubles 2-Packs:
Zombie and Captain’s Curse
Backdraft and Inferno

Monster Jam single pack:
Scooby-Doo which includes Monster Jam Figure

The loose trucks shown in this video, in order of appearance:
Scooby Doo (unboxed showing details)
Bustin’ Loose (older release)
American Dream (older release)
Ironman (2013)
Captain America (2013)
Batman Batmobile (older release)
Zombie (unboxing showing details)
Captain’s Curse (unboxing showing details)
El Toro Loco (older release)
Jurassic (older release)
Hot Wheels (older release)
Grave Digger
Inferno (unboxing showing details)
Backdraft (unboxing showing details)
Bounty Hunter (older release)
Pouncer (older release)
Batman Batmobile (large scale)

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31 Responses to “Monster Jam Zombie, Scooby Doo New For 2014!”

  1. playboysdodge

    Pouncer is a real truck in monster jam and u probably know by ur collection predator prowler and pouncer are from the allen pezo motorsports camp predator and samson aswell as reptoid were the first few trucks with the 3d body concepts

  2. playboysdodge

    Also I just noticed this that captins curse has black frame mine is single black body red frame so im looking for those packs now

  3. 3DKitbash

    I sculpted that Zombie truck for Mattel about 2 years ago and have been waiting anxiously for it's release. Great to find this review!

  4. Kirk Nagy

    For the record both American Dream and Bustin' Loose were real trucks. American Dream was a team truck to Pony Express and was driven/owned by Dave Turpin. They never used that pain scheme though.  The was supposed to use that paint but instead closed up shop after they lost sponsor ship from Amsoil. As for Bustin' Loose, it was driven by RonNelson who currently drives the second Predator/Prowler truck. That paint is also fake but the real paint was used on tne trucks first hotwheels appearance back on th small tires.


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