46 Responses to “Monster truck crash ends in a fireball”

  1. Crab Man

    No, monster trucks don't run off of diesel fuel so the "Smoke stacks" aren't meant to smoke just like a diesel does. The REAL reason it smoked is when it leaned the oil pressure in the engine changed and all the oil went to one side. Being that those stacks were his EXHAUST, and the truck leaning like that? Yeah, that's the same thing that happens when a stunt plane flies upside down, you burn oil. Know your stuff before talking.

  2. hcr403

    i dont know if you where the brakes are on a monster truck. but the drive shaft hit the brake rotor which cause the first set of sparks or the driver touched the brakes. and the fire on the crown vic. is from gas tank being crushed on the ground and we all know ford has had issues with that. stupid tv show putting sound effects on things making it look fake. but it kinda funny how it plays out

  3. hmbsit waloc

    that all seems pretty phony to me why was there a pyrotechnic charge detonated under the truck just at the same time it was flipped (maybe to help flip it onto what were presumably fake cop cars) and what was the idea of the vapour vent from his hood just before he supposedly went out of control & where it vented from is not his exhaust just something to think about folks

  4. Steve Medellin

    i hate when current tv shows put monster trucks from the 90s on. No wonder people think they are slow lumbering vehicles. If they actually showed some recent clips people would see what the trucks can really do today.

  5. CR7659

    What race track is that exactly? I was just down there and found tracks in Dillon and Florence but I didn't find one (an active one) in Myrtle Beach.

  6. fubs61

    ive been lookin 4 this on here 4 awhile thanx 4 puttin it up i remember seein this as a kid n thinkin what the cops were gonna tell the station n how hell they were gonna leave that night

  7. ColtCobra2002

    I think it was a combination of the Kong 3 crash, And the Bigfoot lawsuit that did TNT in. One or the other probably could have been weathered, but Not Both it seemed.

  8. TheDoctor91

    Army Armstrong: "On the throttle, through a pole, upside down and on top of yes. Ladies and gentlemen on top of two police cars!" Mud and Monster Madness 1

  9. 001GenLee

    I remember King Kong, and sometime around that time, they shrunk the body of that truck totally. I still don't know why they retired BigFoot, but Grave Digger is still going strong? ……something sounds fishy. >:(


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