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    I only got into this band for this song, one my favourite songs atm and I bloody love it, for y’all thinking this is just a Nickleback copycat naw this band is bloody amazing

  2. URProductions

    Reading the comments here, there seems to be a disconnect between those who can think critically and call a spade a spade, and those who seek to justify bullshit with a false sense of positivity and open-mindedness.

    The song sucks. Monster Truck, it appears, has sold out. Sad.

  3. Amelia Crasman

    My problem with this song is that the song is written extremely lazily. Where the main drop or hook is only 34 seconds into the song. The lyrics are very superficial and lazily put together. First time I heard this song I thought it was awesome; however, since then I have despised to the sound of this song. Not only can you barely hear the guitars or any highs and lows in the song, but the song is too repetitive and suffering heavily from lazy song writing. The reason for this in my opinion is first off, it sounds like they were indeed trying something new, which I agree is an awesome thing to do! The second thing, it sounds like they were trying to mix pop, and pop recently has downshifted with the same early song hooks, which now occurs way more frequently in songs now, and as a result yields superficial or lazy lyrics to make room for the hooks.

  4. Ismagik Blood

    This is the last band I was hoping was to turn its sound towards an empty and predictable rock, following in the wake of other prefabricated bands.
    Monster Truck were a band that respected and admired, I hope they do not continue down this road and do what they do best, authentic rock and roll.

  5. Gail Jake

    Saw Monster truck perform this unplugged this afternoon at the Grantham House in St. Kitts ……………What a great afternoon of Live Rockin mutha Truckin music………..thanks 97.7 for bringing them to us……… gotta go now I need more of the truck !!!!

  6. Logan Burke

    it's a good song, a little basic and will get lost in the mix of modern Rock, but they don't sound bad or anything. don't understand all the hate

  7. Florian Guglielmi

    come on lads , relax and listen to the rest of the album, they just had to pay the bills with that poor shinedown track but I m sure the rest of the album is pretty different

  8. Martin Leather

    A fan, I was:
    A Eulogy for Monster Truck, our last hope for rock and roll.

    The soul of rock gave nary a fuck
    Until the squeal from the wheels of the truck

    Worn and weary from homogenized pop
    And rock imposters from the land of hip hop

    But the lion arose from an everlasting slumber
    As the need for rock grew fiercely to hunger

    And from the first note strummed to the last note oozed
    We knew our new anthem was the Seven Seas Blues.

    Smoked out organ filled the rooms
    conviction-packed vocals and crowds were fused

    Real music with a beating heart
    Could once again be heard from near and far

    But the truck sealed its own fate on rock history’s worst release date

    Smoked out Organs replaced with synthesizers
    Righteous Guitars replaced with amp modeling software
    Drums replaced with samples
    Lyrics watered down to nursery rhymes
    And vocals drenched in FX

    Where the truck once struck, fans sat in sadness as they were disfigured and swallowed by the imagine dragons bandwagon.

    A fan I was.

  9. iVegasLive Entertainment Inc.

    True Monster Truck fans will accept the fact that their sound *IS GOING THROUGH AN EVOLUTION*. This band and any other band will never stay with their tired, old and pretty much overrated first sound they’re entire career. If they did that, they will never evolve into something better, their career will stay stagnant and it’s all due to their ‘unwelcoming to change’ fans. The group will never gain new fans, their radio and television exposure will be limited, due to fact that their old fans wants them to stay old and not EVOLVE.

  10. Matthew bentley

    I don't hate or even dislike the song…it's catchy, it's energetic…but it's not MT. Everything I love about this band, everything that makes them different, seems to be missing. It seems like a mildly raspy Shinedown tune, and I was hoping for more of the 70s based, bluesy, ballsy rock the boys have turned out in the past. Oh well….I'm certain it will sell a boatload.

  11. Conrad

    The songs actually class, just a shame its overproduced. It'll sound way better live where you can actually hear the guitars

  12. Eric Thorn

    Everyone seriously needs to stop on the hate, this is a good tune! I've loved Monster Truck since The Brown EP and so what?! they wanna mix things up a bit. Still a strong song and will always love these guys. The album will be awesome!

  13. Scratchet belfhast

    well… this is a great band but this isn't his best song… I personally do not like it, I feel that it is not the style that makes me admire this band so much. but I think they're experimenting a bit and that's good. as long as they are not going to make such an exaggerated transition in styles as linkin park did at the time.

  14. scum1

    I love how people hate on successful bands. You're just so cool for it. This is a good song. Can't blame a band for trying to make a good living. I love my small shows but I also want the bands I like to be successful and sometimes they have to change for that.


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