Changing things up a little bit, I had the opportunity to drive my friend Mike’s crazy F350. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. I know there are bigger trucks out there, but coming from a world of low cars and this being my first time driving lifted anything-it was extremely intimidating at first. I nearly ripped my jeans trying to get in this thing. Thanks for watching!
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45 Responses to “Monster Truck For the Street! Crazy F350 Review”

  1. Jeffrey Ngo

    Bro I love channel main reason why you don't act or talk like every other car guy. I'm glad that you are from Ga. My ? Is what part of Ga are you from

  2. Bryce Deans

    I have a 1995 Ford F150 with the inline 6 and a 5 speed, but no tach (that was an option), down here in Florida. I know it's a bit far but I've been watching your videos for years and honestly I think you'd love it. It's Calypso green and already lowered 2 inches in the rear but I'm planning on another 3-5 over the summer. If you're ever down here you're welcome to drive it.

  3. Rustytruck 69

    Dude, I know this video is old and he's moved but I know the stop light in the closing scene! I didn't realize how close to home he started out, that's kinda nuts to me! As for the truck, I've had several that size, mostly K5's, they are a blast, on and off road! side note- those pitbull rockers don't come close to the noise a set of 40" Boggers put off!


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