Today we race eight all new Hot Wheels Monster Jam Rev Tredz Monster Trucks across the living room carpet for one of the best freestyle race events we’ve ever filmed! These trucks are AWESOME!!!

My review of the Hot Wheels Rev Tredz is simple… These trucks can climb over stuff, jump through stuff, they even tred on one tire when they have to and just about the only thing that can stop them is the living room walls! There super fast! Push em forward, rev em’ like we did to make them go even faster or gravity drop them from a high incline and watch them build up speed on there way down. These trucks look fantastic and are highly detailed. They first came out with sticker decals however, they are now tampos and clear coated over.
These trucks can take a beating too! We dropped em’ and we crashed em’ we over revd them and they still work and play just as well as they first did out of the box!

The eight trucks shown in this video are Grave Digger, Zombie, Monster Mutt, El Toro Loco, Max-D, Crushstation, Pirate’s Curse and Team Hot Wheels ‘Firestorm”. Be sure to check your local stores for these trucks and others!
The launch ramp used in this video is called the Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway and it can be found at Toys-R-Us and online.

Thank you so much for watching our videos and Subscribing to our channels. Check out the Diecast Daredevils channel if you like Hot Wheels smash and crash type videos. We were the first ever channel to bring you Monster Truck Wrestling! and Table Top Monster Truck Racing without the orange track!

Coming soon, Series 3 of the Mighty Mini Monster Trucks (Mystery Trucks) Blind bag drag racing on the kitchen table top with some extra surprise trucks! and we’re still collecting new releases in the 64 scale trucks for our next Kitchen floor race so be on the look out for that in the next couple of weeks!


31 Responses to “Monster Truck Freestyle Racing! Monster Jam Rev Tredz by Hot Wheels”

  1. Retro dealer 64#

    Hey, are you guys done with YouTube? because if you are can you let me know so I can unsubscribe. Because I mean if you guys are not making anymore videos. I guess it's no reason to be subscribe right. It's been nearly over 2 months.

  2. Jerry Reed

    Hi I am a subscriber and I really want u to watch the video on my channel and mabey give me a shout out but plz just watch the video thanks

  3. Dorr Z

    Faster the dragster. There is a guy called Derek who has been looking out to you if you would like to go to our race club in Lincoln Rhode Island its called Johnny Lightning. We race the second Sunday of every month. But our biggest month is July and everyone around the world come. It would be cool if you would like to see it. I asked you about it last year. So if you do want to come up I recommend for you to come on the second month of July because that's our biggest month. We also race monster trucks too.

  4. Kraco

    OUTSTANDING as usual………….Keep up the great work, because I'm about half way building the SUPER TRACK. And no body has ever seen anything like this in your life. You might even say it's EXTREME !!!!! HE He He……….LOL…The bar is just about to be raised….LOL…MORE POWER………

  5. Maiden Fan

    Brand new subscriber.. you guys do an amazing job with all your videos. I’m a MJ collector myself ! Great video!

  6. RaceGrooves

    The new Hot Wheels MJ truck looks great! Love the color scheme!
    Awesome crashable trailers =) Love the racing format!
    "Just in case" camera. Yeah, that one is very important!

  7. Mr. Dan and Harry

    Awesome fun. I feel like there’s not much of your house that hasn’t seen some racing. I wonder if the spin master Zombie will have arms?


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