We’re building a “Monster Truck” lifted go kart! Commenters have asked us for years to build a lifted go kart, and it’s finally happening. Ike’s brother bought a fiberglass truck body, and we knew we had to adapt it to an off road go kart with suspension. So, with the front suspension of the kid’s ATV, a custom trailing arm rear suspension, and the $50 go kart chassis, we’re making it happen!

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22 Responses to “Monster Truck Go Kart Build! Pt. 1”

  1. Dave Sendit

    I’m from Canada and every truck guy even here knows what the “Carolina squat” is. Can’t forget most likely that those trucks clap too ????????

  2. Eric Marcus

    Didn't know about the Carolina Squat but up here in Ohio there is a place called Ravenna Ohio were we have the Ravenna Rake where the front end is low and the back is high.

  3. Roger's Rabbit Hole

    Go with the Gasser undercarriage.
    Gassers are always in & Cool….. Do a 4 link suspension and coilovers do it up right. Then go to the strip side by side with the Rail.

  4. Stevens Garage

    If anyone needs parts go to eBay! better selection, better buyer protection and everything is already 30%+ less than gopowersports even with their code. Gopowersports TAV2(clone) is 120.00 bucks. Ebay has the EXACT same for UNDER 50 bucks shipped… DO THE MATH! Their sponsor and the company they recommend to us EVERY video is trying to get us for an EXTRA 70 bucks!


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