We go for a Joyride on the street and hit the field in Mikes Monster Truck and get pulled over by VA State Trooper and checked for height.

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Mike Shfflett

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Larry Franks
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49 Responses to “Monster Truck Joyride’s on public road – Cop got us”

  1. logs to lumber

    Its awsome that he got to take his kid in that truck and im jealous. Other peoples kids are so dorky and goofy. Kids should know how to talk as soon As they are born so they sound like they know what they are sayin. Lol im an ass

  2. Michael Doster

    Loved the idling, myself. One of my very favorite sounds is a built engine just idling. A thing of beauty. Not to mention when it clears it's throat, and buggies… Don't know that I'd ever want to go that HIGH, but would love to have one that sounds that good. You have to have some serious hosspower to turn wheels THAT big! Hell, the tires & wheels alone must be a coupla tons! Thanks for the video. It was a nice ride!

  3. TheCalibreKid

    Thats not even a real monster truck thats literally a normal truck with a hella lifted suspension i get thats what a monster truck is but its literally a body of a ford truck with no roll cage, it has a glass windshield and its only suppose to seat 1 person this is not a real monster truck 👎🖕


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