26 Responses to “Monster Truck Madness in the DRC!!”

  1. ngumaxl

    NGUYENTUAN ,IT normal that you dont understand bcz you are not from there .but those organisation are there no to help they are tresure hunter ,truble maker. and those peoples do not starving to dead bcz the nature have everythings.but the autority of congo whant it to be like that so they can make money . see the new gov camming but all of them are again the tshisekedi the president that we want ,if thing go well ,came in 6 month you will see what congolese are able to do , love of congo .

  2. Issa Capillarist

    Dear Nguyen
    Don't be so naive… In many part of Africa, people are smart just like in Vietnam everywhere. If you do more research, you'll find out that because their land is full on natural resources, their daily is disturbed.
    How can people grow crop if big companies want to stone and arm the tribal groups? Hunger is human made! Do more research my dear.

  3. aa3aan

    I find it quite funny when I read comments like yours. Do you have any idea how big Africa is? We have lots of different climate zones and a variety of countries developed to various different levels. I spend allot of time in parts of Mozambique which could compare to the best places on earth considering the coastline, weather, nature, infrastructure and communications. If you don't understand what I just told you, ask your teacher to teach you about the real Africa.

  4. GMour53

    @nguyentuan1990 yes the land is very fertile in that area, back in 1700's and 1800's when Britain was colonizing areas like these the British diplomats set up great farming areas in the jungles, deserts, and swamps of these areas, but in many of these places the British no longer control it and the aboriginals of the area started to go back to their original way of life, which is good, but they stopped producing food, so they started to starve and UN had to give them food.

  5. Cal

    Quit looking down on africa, if you were in their situation, could you afford the money to hire others to help out in the farm, Probably not, think about it before bad mouthing these unfortunate people.

  6. deliciousd2

    you better be a different country because by the look of your spelling shorttrack90js you seem a little too young to be talking about this stuff

  7. HassanTheSlayer

    well am egyptian and we r only 4 😛 ( mom , 3 brothers ) but u know am with u on that we have ppl here who dosnt have money to even feed themselves but having like loads of kids, really hate 'em

  8. da matta

    impresive and yet depresing , what our world has come 2 , some ppl live good lives while oather ppl starve 2 death just 2 sad.

    nice vid facing reality is sometimes hard but this what u are showing is the cruel reality 🙁 the world we live in


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