Richard Hammond gives Sister Wendy, a Benedictine nun, the chance to drive a monster truck over several old cars.

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35 Responses to “Monster Truck Nuns – Top Gear – BBC”

  1. Jinty7109 fan

    They claim to be a car show and then destroy:Fiat Uno,Mk1 Golf,Volvo Amazon,VW Beetle and Opel Kadett.Three of these cars could have been driven even today,two of these could have been restored.This is the only thing that I dislike TG.It would be funnier if the flatened Multiplas(the 90s design failure)

  2. CEO100able

    This is one of my favorite challenges from the UK version of Top Gear! I'm really a big fan of Monster Jam, Bigfoot 4×4, "Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks" (a kid's TV show; later renamed "Monster Truck Adventures" in 2012 for the Christian version). Sister Wendy did a great job!

  3. Steven K

    After she had eaten all the meals of all the old people, I was really affraid she could destroy the monster truck just by getting to the seat.


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