47 Responses to “Monster Truck – Old Train [Official Video]”


    I hear my train down the tracks
    My heart is beating like an engine
    The summer air fills my lungs
    I'm moving on baby I may never come back
    The bells are ringing, the whistle sounds
    Metal on metal singing out through the sky
    A rusty tin can, my mobile home
    As long as it keeps on rolling

    Old train keeps on moving

    The sun is rising, birds are singing
    I'm moving cross country feeling mellow
    I can't remember, remember when
    I called a place home more than a week at a time
    This empty heart, keeps on beating
    A place set aside for you honey
    From Chicago to New Orleans
    I swear I ain't gonna settle down

    Old train keeps on moving…

  2. David Charles

    DAMN!!hell hath no fury!!gain way!..kickin ass band coming down the pyke…cant remember where ive been the last few years,just discovering (shakin my head)but love the sound. happy i found them..monster is right

  3. Jeff Van Bibber

    My cousin Mike Van Bibber, turned me on to this band. Bad ass. I was even more amazed that they are from Canada. They have a Southern Rock sound to them. Great Band. Monster Truck Rocks

  4. Jason1975ism

    saw them with AIC and became INSTANT FAN! After the show they saw a kid in a wheel chair, they signed autographs, posed with him, gave him a butt load of stuff and made that kids day! AWESOME GUYS!!!


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