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Friday, April 19th, 2019

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  1. I love this band and cant wait to see them tomorrow night !!!!! I will be the old lady with the walker and grey hair….Rock on you mutha truckers !!!!!!!! xoxo

  2. Bloody Hell, what an awsome band 👍

  3. LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You can almost hear some of the by's haulin' in nets, out past the landwash. In fact, you can hear this on one of the versions on google play. It reminded me of home; of course; being raised a fisherman myself in my youth.

  5. sounds like chris Cornell and eddie vedder combined

  6. i would love to see you guys get huge. awesome band awesome sound

  7. This band is so fuckin awesome! m/

  8. So stoked to see you guys this summer!!

  9. Pause at 2:06 and it's Seth Rogen with long hair…

  10. These guys are awesome!!! Really kick ass!!!

  11. The audio of this video is not loud enough!

  12. saw these guys open for Alice In Chains inSalem, VA…much rocking

  13. damn, this song kicks ass

  14. Seen these guys at Durham College a while ago, epic night still in my memory.

  15. Guys you are killers. I know you from Slash date last november in Paris. You deserve respect as you make Pure music. Please don't stop, keep rocking. I wish you'll come back to Paris, 'cause you have to. I wait.

  16. I don't get out much, this is the first I've heard aboot MT EH!

  17. CCR + Soundgarden = Monster Truck

  18. MT is playing here this summer as part of the Saturday lineup along with Extreme, Jane's Addiction and Soundgarden at Canada's Big Music Fest.  I can hardly wait.

  19. I'm surprised this song doesn't have more views.  I would have thought at least a million. Love this song.

  20. Thanks for letting me and I know about the best of the elite music is all about it and I do not want the music to ever end and I do have the first and only monster truck I remember that time and guidance for the way. Love you all just wanted to tell you and I am alone with a reason

  21. Please to meet you hope you guess my name but I'm sure I am home in this city for so long and I do love you my dear to believe in me and munch I will do that for the first and only time will tell if this city is all about to change 

  22. Hell has a great new band and I do thank you for your help in this city I've been home in our way for s o long as we say right now and then the best of the best for you have to believe in the music it's written by the best creation in our way for a reason why I am destined to be there in the way of a there driving in our cars and I know I will have to do it again for your actions are not the way it is it's all about to change. Snorting whiskey and drinking cocaine lol

  23. Going to see these guys tonight woooooo!

  24. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you
    Pirate Metal

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