“True Rocker” by Monster Truck. From their upcoming album “True Rockers” coming September 14th, 2018 on Dine Alone Records (Canada) & Mascot Records (Rest of World).

LISTEN: monstertruck.lnk.to/truerocker


I’m not an artist or a poet or a saint.

I never claimed to be much of anything.

I turn everything up until it breaks.

I know who I am.

I believe in rock n roll.

And I don’t ever try,

Cause it’s in my soul.

I’m here to testify that I lose control.

I know who I am.

A true rocker.

I am a true rocker.

I feel the music from inside baby from within.

I’m good to go on just about anything.

No time for brakes we move full speed ahead.

I know who I am

A true rocker.

I am a true rocker.


33 Responses to “Monster Truck – True Rocker (Official Audio)”

  1. Pauly P

    You should hear them on the Mike Taylors aka The Beard Guy memorial tribute. They were acoustic and his blues side came out. Good rock blues voice.👍

  2. Ryper TheReaper

    What the fuck ?! This album literally ROCKS! I ain't listen to something like this since I don't even know man !
    Except for two songs but it's amazing. Old school rock n' roll never dies ! Never!

  3. Jon Kirby

    NICKEL TRUCK SUCKS, OR SHOULD I SAY MONSTER BACK. sad that chad fucked them over. They lost the rawness. It's phoney now. GET RID OF THE CHAD INFLUENCE

  4. factrzero

    What's this white creamy stuff shooting out of my ear canals? That's right, my ears just tried to make babies to go and listen to this.


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