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Warren County Fair
Note: Xtreme Diesel/Dave Radzierez was supposed to compete but broke before the show could begin. This was also the second week in competition for Student Driver/Richie Yatsko.
Ten years ago, in August, 2009, I went to my very first monster truck show. It was at the Warren County Fair and only featured 2 trucks: Hushpower Diesel and Virginia Giant. Now, as a huge fan of the industry, I returned and got to see how monster trucks have changed over the past 10 years.
This event saw two local boys, Richie Yatsko and Brandon Budd, thrill the crowd of their hometown fans. They were joined by Zach Adams and Steven Thompson to make of of the best lineups in Warren County Fair history. Unfortunately, this was a truck eating event, but with a popper ramp and a spacious outfield with large jumps, the event was still action packed.
Student Driver/Richie Yatsko
Annihilator/Zach Adams
Hurricane Force/Steve Thompson
Buckshot/Brandon Budd


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