34 Responses to “Monster Trucks Summer Grind..”

  1. High Flyin

    We need to get you and your dad out to Charlotte, North Carolina next year for the Back To School Monster Truck Bash. It’s one of the biggest independent shows around and the trucks jump over each other in the racing course. You and your dad would burn it down in the freestyle course too. There’s no shortage of big jumps either, half the jumps are bus stacks. I’ll probably contact the track after this years show to see if they could book you.

  2. Lord Motorsports

    Mike, I had no idea you had a channel here on YouTube vlogging the events you attend. Just happened to see a link on Facebook. Will definitely be watching. Great content!!

  3. Period correct Campaigner

    Growing up as a kid I was and still am obsessed with monster trucks. My family went to Vegas for the finals 3 times growing up and I spent most of my time in Vegas ignoring all the activities going on and watching the drivers wrench on the trucks and see how things worked. Thank you for making a channel that shows what it's like to be a driver and the work and sacrifice it takes! Good luck this year we enjoy watching you!

  4. T J

    Mike: I check the rod ends every, maybe, 3 shows?
    Also Mike: I should probably check them more often….so?

    Funny stuff! Lol

  5. Rickey Rush

    Great video looking forward to the wrenching video I enjoy them it’s awesome that your channel has grown so much I’ve been subscribed since late December and it’s grown a lot since then congratulations

  6. Diggerfan 549

    Love the pivoting during the nose wheelies. Great weekend overall dude, don't beat yourself up over those gremlins man, you made a lot of fans very happy! And another awesome upload to boot bro

  7. Supreme Diggie

    Those nose wheels were awesome Mikey. Great job! Getting super close to 10K man. Gonna try to make Altamont this Tuesday. Looking forward to it!

  8. Damien

    Great video mikey!! This is basically my hometown show, I've gone almost every year, missed out this year though….

  9. Coolmc

    Fav Channel on all of YouTube these are so much fun to watch! Can’t wait to see that V2 Vids Decal on the back of the truck!


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