27 Responses to “Mud Run 4×4 hilux”

  1. sovereign126

    Could also use 3rd low, so it doesn't lose revs as easily. less strain on the engine.

    I agree, he needed more momentum and wheel speed.

  2. HiluxTuck

    Nice work rocking it back an forth, normally people just destroy the tracks untill theyre down past the axles!

  3. Land Cruising Australia

    @F0ckUtoob u do with some of these earlier hiluxs because they dont have enough power in their small engines! they need to hit stuff in low 3rd just so they have the torque

  4. TravelAdventureFun

    Nice work, what tyres are you running? I have the 2.4 litre, on gas and petrol. They are brilliant machines. I've got a heap of video's up of my car as well.


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