7 Responses to “Mud Run / Obstacle Racing Gear – SHOES”

  1. Lieutenant Miller

    Hmmm….one mud run course recommends the Merrill Moab Ventilator mid boot (boots are required for this race). http://www.imudrun.com/faq#t7n149 I just got a black pair and they are light and fit right out of the box. I kinda hate to take them on the course because they look so good but that’s why I bought them. I’ll try to clean them well after the race 18days from now.

  2. Vasto Lorde

    Would be great to get a new vid if you guys have any more info on foot wear now we're further down the line. Done some research, digging about and found the Reebok All Terrain Super 3.0's were highly rated. However when I got them I was a bit disappointed to find they didn't have the fast lace system or w/e it's called, basically eliminating that frustrating time when it comes to taking them off only to find the laces are caked in water & mud.

    Any specific ways to help with that or best ways (tips or tricks) to tie laces, or just stick to traditional lace up?

    Crickets are quite loud & distracting in this vid though guys lol XD


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