Hope you enjoy the 2nd video of my commentary on MX vs ATV Unleashed!

During the filming of this video, my original microphone broke so that is why for the majority of the video my voice sounds really dodgy and at the start and end it sounds clear but hopefully you can bear with! I have a new mic so it’s all good now.

Previous Video: http://youtu.be/zzVpORFPX24
My twitter: http://twitter.com/GR_Joe_Gaming

Outro song: Broken Promises – Element Eighty

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7 Responses to “MX vs ATV Unleashed 2: Peewee 50’s, Monster Truck Mayhem, Fails and Embarrassing Loss No.2”

  1. GR Joe Gaming

    To the people who have watched/liked this video. I actually can't thank you enough because if it wasn't for this video exploding, I wouldn't have been motivated to get back into making videos again! So thankyou! 😀


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