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Special Events Sgt. John Bourque, a 22-year veteran of the Metro Nashville Police Department, was struck and dragged by an off-road vehicle when an estimated 100 dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs and four wheelers illegally took over Broadway over the weekend, according to police.

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49 Responses to “Nashville police officer hit, dragged by ATV on Broadway”

  1. TuTu Fox

    U r so right. People trying to tell u how to run ur channel😡 There could b someone talking to u who is in a bad place & just needs to talk. U never know, u could have kept them from doing something horrible & not even know it! Anyway I just want to say I enjoy chat time & I always learn something new & I been around a longgggg time 67 yrs! So ur never to old to learn LOL. GOD BLESS u & Kyle, see u on the next Chat😊

  2. rentme2011

    This is when having monster trucks out while they’re out too would be amazing

    Oh I’d pay to see these ATV maniacs get chased off by herd of monster trucks

  3. FactFinder

    They really have to bend reality for a MEME like that. It's probably some kind of professional propaganda firm who created it, there was a Help Wanted ad exposed a while back for "Left MEMEers" by a soros organization…in response to the Left Cant MeMe problem they have…and apparently still have.

  4. Kathy Florcruz

    That incident isn't the only time these assholes on ATVs or bikes have done this. There have been gangs of them doing this elsewhere. I've seen it on Colin Flaherty's channel.
    They're thugs on wheels. Bastards.
    Did she say "before anyone gets killed AGAIN." See – she acted like that was no big deal – that AGAIN part. Because this isn't a lone situation & the MSM as usual covers it up.

  5. Extrambotiko

    Here in NYC The police let these people on dirt bikes ,motorcycles , Atv's and four wheeler's drive on the streets, 60-80 of them. Getting in the way of traffic doing tricks ect ….When there's an accident get kill then The police and Law makers will start cracking down on these hoodlums

  6. janets9179

    I have searched for any info about atv/dirt bike gangs. Not a word about who is doing it, no descriptions of their age, sex, or anything else. Media are dead silent about that. And this isn't the first time; happened in Washington DC a few years ago. Would they be silent if the perpetrators were white supremacists?

  7. Ab Guilford

    The so-called victims are the cause of the problem.; no accuntablity. The perpetrators are the akata backed by the liberal elites.

  8. Sandi ,

    My grandparents came here legally from Mexico and it's news to me that anyone is after me. Build the damn wall. Illegals aren't immigrants.

  9. Jason Schmidt

    There's a whole lot I could explain about the beginning of this vid.
    But space is limited so I'll just call in one day and explain it all.
    Understand that they are coming for whitey by any means necessary
    Immigration, opiates, abortion, etc

  10. Jessi Brunson

    The troll down in your comments is a follower of "Gavin Seim"… he totally hates any type of authority, especially the police! A bunch of punks, illegals & thugs are the ones who follow the lunatic.

  11. theresa42213

    YO AXEL!!  l was just watching your stream about the ''traditional family''. l refreshed the page ….and POOF!  GONE!  Apparently they 'copywrite striked' you or something???  But l was able to sub to Black Pill.  Those scum are CRAZY!

  12. Watson Price

    AXE IT IS 10:50PM YOUTUBE JUST BLOCKED "Heterosexual Pride" not coming up on my PC and on my android phone the message I'm getting is "the video contains content from NBC universal, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds" I took a screen shot just in case u wanna see it—-I'M heading to your back channel

  13. janets9179

    They took down your hetero pride video. I am so disappointed. Any chance you can edit it and re upload? I wasn't home when you live streamed.

  14. P G

    This goes on ( illegal ATV/Dirtbike riding ) in a number of cities. We all know who’s doing it but somebody’s afraid to stop it in fear of being called racist. Every biker knows these vehicles are not to be ridden in the streets of the city, Especially stunt riding like these guys are doing. I guess this is not an emergency either and more people need to die or get injured by these jerks. Wake up people, where are the laws that we all abide? Why aren’t they enforcing them? Crazy shit

  15. Watson Price

    I have friends that are police officers and when I hear stories like this —–it scares me because I know that there is a big portion of society that has no respect for law enforcement what so ever. AXE I truly appreciate the way u handle your callers and I thank you so much for chopping that comment that a caller posted. Some people are nervous I know I was because I've never called in to a channel before your my first. I listen to your callers Miss Rita, Laura, Talease, talouya and many of your callers that are new to your channel and there's one thing we all have in common we all love talking to you axe and seriously I noticed that even when I call I get caught up in the excitement of talking to you and at times I loose track of my 3 min clock. you are there for you callers Laura who spoke of her and her husband having cancer and thats one of many examples. YOU LOVE YOUR CALLERS AND WE LOVE YOU TO and the fact that someone said that is madd wack!!! I Love u and I'm not gonna lie I was nervous even on the third time I called that I typed what I wanted to say on my computer because I was that nervous.

  16. james mackay

    ATV'S  and dirt bikes should not be street legal.I believe in the 2nd amendment though, but these guys give bikers a bad name ! They should have put those spike strips out to flatten their tires. If you can't dive a motor vehicle safely then don't


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