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31 Responses to “New 🔥Motorcycle Wins & Fails 2017 🔥 The Best Enduro and ATV videos Compilations”

  1. El Guapo

    I feel bad when guys set girls up for failure trying to learn to ride a dirt bike. The girls obviously don’t know how violent a dirt bike can be when you unwittingly crack the throttle. The guys do but think the eminent crash is worth it. Kind of a dick move

  2. tieme pik

    Who was the moron who hit the bottle with the shovel I'm sure some of them broke and even a bigger idiot who put it on tape to show everyone I love bike riding I hate Richard craniums

  3. Racer X

    The guy that was teaching the girl needs his mouth busted, that bike was plenty big enough for him to get on and show her, he probably did it for a laugh.. What a dipshit!


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