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Thursday, April 18th, 2019
Nitro RC CAR VS Electric RC MONSTER TRUCK (PULL-OFF Challenge)

Nitro RC CAR VS Electric RC MONSTER TRUCK (PULL-OFF Challenge)

by April 16, 2019 Monster Trucks

Nitro RC Car Buggy Redcat Racing Tornado S30 and Redcat Raing RC Monster Truck Terremoto-10 V2 are trying to pull eachother. Bond by a rope, which one is going to WIN, RC Nitro Car or Electric RC Car

Redcat Racing Tornado S30 Buggy Nitro with 2.4GHz Radio (1/10 Scale), Blue/Red:

Redcat Racing Terremoto-10 V2 Brushless Electric Monster Truck (1/10 Scale), Blue:

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  1. Should have tied them lower to the ground

  2. Not fair on size of tires

  3. They dont even have similar power outputs so I'm calling bullshit to this entire thing

  4. Nitro is better but redcat racing eww they suck

  5. I counted 51 pulls to start that nitro.

  6. My favourite is electric

  7. Bull shit no break-in no prime 1/10 buggy vs 1/8 truck Not fair

  8. Nitro has small tyres and have less surface area that's why it can not utilize full energy.

  9. Junge du machst ja nicht Vollgas beim Nitro Auto

  10. nitro one tied wrong zone. Have to tie same height to weight center for strong pull. This one all time wheelie for wrong tie.

  11. Wth? I thought they where going to race them, buggy will take it.

  12. Not sure what kinda test I'm looking at….weight is different… Point of hook is different… There's no comparison to be made here.

  13. What's the cost of nitro one?

  14. Id say nitro, but the the GAS IS SO EXPENSIVE

  15. I like electric better because U can just recharge the battery in nitro when ur out of ur bottle of gad you gotta but more

  16. Did you break in that nitro engine before hand?

  17. Der Arme Verbrenner, Vielleicht mal was von Einlauf gehört und 3-4 Tangs einfahren lassen…. 👎 aber sonst ist es spannend zu sehen, wie Verbrenner Gas geben können

  18. This nitro engine ist Not run in

  19. I like electric cuz it's ez to start and it's more faster☺️☺️☺️
    Edited:nitro is strong but not really fast electric is most faster ☺️

  20. Nitro car batter than electronic but the electrical car is big than nitro

  21. Ya the nitro car is going to have more torque but this video is retarded because your trying to compare to different cars at do different sizes and weight. It’s like trying to compare a real monster truck vs a Prius

  22. The electric had no problem

  23. At least compare same chassis ,electric vs nitro

  24. Quisiera tener eso pero no puedo alguien m puede regalar

  25. huge mistake in units like… its 3000kv not 3000kw and bring me a lipo battery which is 7.4v at 3s… wow…. 3s means 11.1v not 7.4v

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