28 Responses to “North Carolina Rednecks American Dream”

  1. liedetector2000

    You are not the only one he fights with. Take a look at the video in my channel about this" ViperTBaron, the Pathological liar". You can see how sad he is.
    This jobless, low self-esteem liar ViperTBaron fights with HUNDREDS of people on YouTube all day, every day, so he can feel a bit better about his life.

  2. Jackson Marley

    @ShatteredDimensionz Myrtle is fun because of all the stuff there is to do there, but personally I preffer the outer banks… Camping out there is a whole lot of fun if you dont step on a cactus :/

    Ur right tho, gotta love myrtle 🙂

  3. Gordondon

    @gotthkid2 Sorry to hear that I always say to each his own, Im sure some people will give you a hard time but who cares what they say. live and let live. I do these video's for fun and laughs, Im actually from New York..

  4. Gordondon

    @forsakenfallenangel It's nice to see that someone has an appreciation for the finer things in life lol Some on here take this seriously and as an insult to the south. it's all in fun. Thanks!

  5. Gordondon

    lol, I never seen a yankee one that might be fun to watch it probably wouldn't be to far from this one I lived near country folks up north and their not too differant, just what they eat I suppose lol

  6. ironhead41

    ive seen some of the comments on here…lol….you mite ort to do a yankee vid to even out the playin field…lol…or i might do one to respond to this….lol….

  7. Gordondon

    Ironhead ,Thank You for having a sense of humor, I've had people send me hate mail over this. it was just a little fun, and no bad intentions, were yankees and lived here in NC for 18 yrs ,yeah were dam yankees , but like it here. Thanks for not taking this to seriously I would imitate a yankee but I can't because I am one lol We have our quirks.

  8. Gordondon

    Yes Sir Some people just lack a personality and have no sense of humor, These Two fine North Carolina Rednecks are just the tip of the Iceberg here in dummy I mean Sunny North Carolina. They are the best North Carolina has to offer.

  9. gunsmoke1967

    Sir your video is a breath of fresh air in our stale world of politcially correctness.
    You can't do anything without upsetting some people. As Conway Twitty once said people lighten up its only make believe as for the coon in the white house I belive its a black-and-white 6-month-old Portuguese water dog called Bo short for Bubba.

  10. Gordondon

    Im not sure what Your trying to say and what its got to do with two guys posting a video for laughs. I just labeled it North Carolina to get some hits on the video. If your a North Carolina Redneck then I apologize for the insensitivity on my part.

  11. Gordondon

    Spoken Like a true redneck , yeah if your talking about our president, I proudly voted for him along with the 60% of our population. and our own state of NC how bout that lol, and if ya just give him a chance you'll benefit , He's a alot better then Your George Bush Friend.

  12. Heath N

    this sucks…im a native north carolinian with a true accent and this is a truely yankee accent whcih they r making fun of themselves:)

  13. Gordondon

    yeah this was made just for fun nothing serious so many people are taking this the wrong way relax I say, us yanks have our quirks too, lol

  14. Gordondon

    I don't mean to sound harsh but did you ever go to school? I mean to learn? your English is terrible. People will listen to you more if you at least give the appearance that you have intelligence. Now go fall off the Earth.

  15. gunsmoke1967

    Whats the chance of booking them for a mega event in Stockton it promises to be the biggest event in Stockton history it will be held in the park across from the Stockton Grand hotel please see what you can do This event will put them over the top.yours Dave

  16. Gordondon

    thanks Dave! I discovered these two guy working skits in Lower Manhattan, at a small improv Called Tricky Dix. They've done other work for me , you'd be supprised how booked up these characters are, I guess its their off the wall comedy, well peace be with you.


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