19 Responses to “OCD Collection: Unboxing 2007 Series Hot Wheels Monster Jam Trucks!”

  1. Edster III

    What's a bummer is I wasn't collecting these at all. I never knew or cared I guess. I was so wrapped up in 50-70 hrs a week at work. I have gotten a few since I started my collection but the price can be high. These are really awesome trucks. Inferno is one I've wanted. I do have the Batman and Predator. These were awesome, thanks. Ooh I did get the Spin Master Scarlett Bandit and it ROCKS, but the one you have there was on my list as well.

  2. Janson Gander

    I really hope Spin Master makes a Predator/Prowler/Pouncer truck… And maybe, if we're really lucky, a Snake Bite truck… Oh, the possibilities! ?

  3. JPFan12

    Wonder when we will see some custom spin masters! Can’t wait to see what some people have created ✔️ Great Video Ryan! I miss HWMJ! But Spin Master is on top of the world right now! ?✌️

  4. Justin Monster Truck Collector

    2007 was a great year, I still have the 25th anniversary Grave Digger from that year, the silver version and I opened it, it was a bad move on my part, could've made a lot of money off it if I had kept it in the box but I was excited to have it that year, great video.


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