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This “Off The Pegs” in-store presentation was recorded in Target January 13, 2019

Wow! Spin Master New for 2019 Monster Jam Monster Trucks are hitting the pegs quick! It’s only the second weekend of the year and already, a second batch!

While the gold Max-D looks great, it is not a chase piece as far as I know like the Hot Wheels Golden Machines were.

Jester is green in the singles. The Double Down Showdown release was purple. I don’t know if the purple version is going to appear in the singles but it has been stated that the 2-packs are not going to contain the same trucks as the singles. More than likely, it’s just wheel variations but only time will tell.

Check out the video to see the rest of the batch including King Krunch, Son-uva-Digger, Monster Mutt Rottweiler, Scarlot Bandit, Grave Digger w/green wheels, Jester in green, Hurricane Force

The Double Down Showdown 2-packs:
Megalodon – Pirate’s Curse
Son-uvs Digger – Mohawk Warrior
Soldier Fortune – Soldier Fortune Black Ops
Higher Education – Bounty Hunter

Here’s the very first batch to hit the pegs!

Monster Jam Playlist (including other brands)

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On The Table by Silent Partner
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13 Responses to “Off The Pegs: GOLD Monster Jam Max-D, Grave Digger, Great Clips Mohawk Warrior instore video”

  1. Faster The Dragster

    Got em' all finally, my King Krunch graphics are "graining" though and I wasn't too impressed by Hurricane Force, the graphics are too busy. By far favorite has to be Jester and a close second Grave Digger with the green wheels. Loving these new spin master trucks and playsets!

  2. Gearhead 6971

    What State?? Can't believe you got neon Digger? My Target and 1 Walmart of 3 Got Run1 in 4 days ago(Target has 1/24 and Double downs) Walmart only Singles. Walmart sold out this morning! North Walmart None, Mandan(hint) Walmart None!

  3. Don Rowe

    spin master has hit a homerun with this. love how the trucks have little drivers actually inside the vehicle itself….great attention to detail, something mattel was lacking as of late. hope this is a wake up call to the folks at hot wheels.

  4. Hw Roadbeasts

    Spin master things that is a revenge to add monster trucks in there products! Wait hot wheels still have the best cars such as bone shaker , hot wheels racing number 1 etc ! Huu! Like a boss Hot wheels

  5. Thomas Bock

    these are definitely very nice but I will still miss the hot wheels monster jam. I will definitely be picking up bigfoot when he comes to the hot wheels monster trucks I was a big fan of bigfoot when I was younger and I always wanted a bigfoot diecast


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