35 Responses to “Old School Monster Truck Racing at the Pontiac Silverdome 1980s”

  1. Rusty Nightowl

    To this day, nothing comes close to watching these original monster trucks from the 80’s. Backflips and freestyle in a tube chassis with a plastic body is probably really fun, but a genuine home built monster truck made out of a real truck is badass

  2. DennisH22A

    as much as i love the look/design of these old trucks vs the new fiberglass ones, theres no denying that if you took a modern monster truck back to the 80s and did 30ft jumps, back flips, etc, half the crowd would have heart attacks or shit themselves. these old ones have literally 0 suspension. if an old one rolls the driver is in serious danger. last weekend at the centurylink seattle show more than half flipped over or rolled and there was no drama

  3. AyeRaxX420

    The candy red corvette truck had some pretty sick frame work. God i wish i existed in the 80s, it was so creative and raw back then. Things are too easy now.

  4. Sem Nome

    I don't care If the monster truck is a real car body or a fiberglass on a frame,i love monster trucks in anyway.

  5. DeeGee Kay

    I remember a VHS from late 80s/early 90s about this that had one, I think Bigfoot, flipping over by mistake. Anyone else see that one?

  6. RedLP5000S

    This is the most spectacular footage I've ever seen. Right through the camera's lens inches away from the trucks. No talking, no music, just pure magical sounds of engines roaring, cars crushing, and an arena of screaming fans. Fantastic!


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