Drew’s Porch Talk from The Liberal Rednecks Manifesto, which skewers political and religious hypocrisies in witty stories and hilarious graphics — such as the Ten Commandments of the New South — and much more! While celebrating the South as one of the richest sources of American culture, this entertaining book issues a wake-up call, and a reminder that the South’s problems and dreams aren’t that far off from the rest of America’s


12 Responses to “Porch Talk on Hillbillies vs. Rednecks with Drew”

  1. greenmanTN

    Drew, I like what you have to say but your delivery sounds like you're reading it off a card, not like someone saying it conversationally. I am a liberal redneck too, and what's missing is you saying it as if you mean it, not reading it out of a book, even if you wrote that book. As I understand it you are a lawyer, so view it as the final summation of a court case, the final argument by Perry Mason or Gregory Peck in "To Kill A Mockingbird." Hell, even Curly in a Three Stooges short would work in a pinch. I've seen you onstage and you were great, but this sounds like you're reading the ingredients on the back of a cereal box.

    I don't know, maybe you got roped into the whole "Liberal Redneck" thing, but if you're going to say it MEAN it, not sound like you're reading a Donald Trump speech aloud.

  2. LJY08

    Australian women have no problem with your accent boys! Women loooove it! They don't give two fat rat's testicles where you come from. Get your asses over here!!! NOW!!!

  3. J. Curry

    I'm black and my dad was a Hill Billy. Most ppl don't realize hill ppl aren't racist, if anything they're ignorant but mean no harm. My dad used to say 'hell when you're that far up a hill you'll talk to anybody no matter their race!' lol

  4. Honey Badger

    I'm a Nevada hillbilly, trained in Chile. Learned to kill and dress chickens when I was about five. Hid in banana trees and harassed the district police. Shot my first rifle at 10. Self-sufficiency is integral to a hillbilly. Can 't get down the hill because of snow? What do you think snow shoes are for? Sheesh.


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