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Dan shows you how to set up the suspension and transmission of the Primal RC Raminator Monster Truck

Be sure to watch the other videos for complete instructions
Contents https://youtu.be/dA8pOaWWheI
Part 1 – Suspension & Transmission https://youtu.be/Pn2K9ql5DVc
Part 2 – Brakes & Wheels https://youtu.be/bzYBL93U8kw
Part 3 – Stickers https://youtu.be/1vJXB9dyuKU
Part 4 – Running the Truck https://youtu.be/oL-YO6B061M

How to Change the Gear Ratio https://youtu.be/_UZRi4uHqb4
How to Remove the Choke https://youtu.be/xi9Qqi6uRFo

Find more at https://www.PrimalRC.com


19 Responses to “Primal RC Raminator Monster Truck Assembly – Part 1 – Suspension & Transmission”

  1. GINU1NE 1

    This thing would be epic if it were 60lbs lighter, a shit ton quicker and actually designed for bashing… Oh wait, that's an Xmaxx! 🀣


    Getting Closer I have waited a long time for this beast! I remember the first time I laid my eyes πŸ‘€ on it and it’s been in my head ever since that time! ⛽️πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’¨


    I always thought since I've seen this last year that a fully built preditor 212cc wild for in here nicely over 20 horse in a fully built and stripped down it's tiny enough to fit that would be awesome


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