Wypadki na rajdzie CF Moto Hunt The Wolf Rewind 2017.
Jak widać w 5 dni udało się uwiecznić kilka wypadków, a resztę zawodnicy przeżywali w samotności 🙂

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36 Responses to “Quad ATV UTV CFmoto HTW Best Crashes Fails Compilation 2017”

  1. My Dick

    May be a stupid question, but how do you rip a quad in half on a hill climb? I mean you have to work at that don't you?

  2. Zupoyo

    These guys need a rope and hook system attached to the trees. Instead of one guy jumping and trying to hold onto a roughly 700-1300 pound machine they could just put a hook on it. It's easy to make, fairly cheap and you can easily carry it on a quad to wherever you want to use it.

  3. Randy Prevette

    No such thing as a good crash. Jaws wired shut in 04 from ATV crash. Now in 2018 i still have issues. Yep had helmet on. Not full face or neck would have broke and I'd be a daisy pusher now!

  4. Chris Goetz

    After paying almost 10 grand for my atv there is no way I'd beat on mine like that? These guys are plum nuts with a little retard mixed in.

  5. Ed H.

    What a bunch of TURDS ! Everyone crashed their atvs that day. not one rider showed any technical skill.

  6. Izzy Morgan

    Why don't these yahoos lean over the bars to transfer their weight over the front axle? Wish I had that kind of money to go destroy nice quads.

  7. Stunt Smith

    Wth is the point of them taking these bad ass new fourwheelers just to take them to a trail where everyone is filming you knowing damn well you and your quad about to get fucked up?


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