Part 2 of 2 of Pro Mod R/C monster truck freestyle from the Vinyl Images Invitational Presented By J.B. Scale Graphics. Event was on December 10th, 2017 in Fenton, MO.

Part 1 of this freestyle can be found here:

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37 Responses to “R/C Monster Truck – Pro Mod Freestyle Pt. 2 – Dec. 10, 2017 – Trigger King Production”

  1. Taylor of Darchera

    What types of truck are these? Like, coming from the RTR RC hobby these trucks look so alien haha. Compared to what I'm used to (T Maxx, Savage, Kraton, etc) these trucks look totally different with the solid axles, 4 wheel steering, etc. Almost like crawlers. Are these hand built RCs? And how's the price range, durability, speed, etc compared to, say, a Traxxas E Revo or Arrma Outcast? It just seems like a totally different category of RC so I'm not sure I should even compare haha. Just never seen anything like these at a hobbyshop.


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