Racing MONSTER TRUCKS Ends in DESTRUCTION! – Monster Jam: Steel Titans

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32 Responses to “Racing MONSTER TRUCKS Ends in DESTRUCTION! – Monster Jam: Steel Titans”

  1. Michael Mcgarrah

    The game's not too bad except for if you hit a sign you go flipping 15 thousand times then if you want to restart the race you have to completely back out

  2. LeoGreck

    This is the first generic Youtuber who I see that figured out that there are more teams then Grave Digger. They are learning.
    If I translate it correctly then EL TORO LOCO would be The Crazy Bull.

  3. Bella 02 Castellon

    hey neil do you know spintires its a fun game or fun Russian game its about mud and huge trucks and mods im getin it soon so can you make a video about the game thanks man

  4. Jacob Felsing

    Whenever you fell the momentum loss whenever you land from a bigger jump, you need to think about the overall weight that is coming down. This is actually realistic. If the suspension was set up to keep momentum, it would be so stiff it would feel like a trampoline. They do this for shock absorbtion

  5. Stacy West

    Yes, it looks like Neil has unlocked a new truck. He's progressing so well. He has also gotten back to making longer videos. I'm so happy Neil. Monster Jam is one of my most favorite events. It's fricking awesome. Neil is actually getting pretty good controlling the trucks. If Neil was ever in a Monster Jam event, I would totally go. Great video Neil. Definitely should do more Neil. Love ya buddy.

  6. FusionXGamerXp

    Neil you should play monster truck destruction by odd games it's one of the best monster truck games it's on pc and mobile to it's either mtd or monster truck destruction please play it or im killing my dog if you dont

  7. Esteban GaMeS

    Keep on doing the series and do this thing we're there is a ten monster truck freestyle. It would take along time to make and effort but if you could do that it would be awesome.

  8. FusionXGamerXp

    And also 2 wheel skills is when you line up on a ramp behind that little hump and then go forward slowly which goes into a stoppie or nose stoper

  9. DTfan43

    It’s such a shame that the developers of this game are the same ones that graced us with the ATV Off Road Fury series. They have certainly lost their touch over the years. Those trucks handle just the way the ATVs did, which is not even close to accurate.


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