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Check out the RC Car ZD Racing Pirate 3 here: https://bit.ly/2GKi11p
Buy this amazing metal RC Car ramp here: https://www.rcbashramp.com/
The first couple times we took this ramp out we started small, with a baby Monster Truck and that didn’t go so well. Then we stepped up our game with the Arrma Typhon and that was a Blast!!! Now, after we fixed our Pirates 3 wheel that busted with an amazing Proline Tire, it’s time to launch an RC into space with this sweet ramp!! Will Nate or Abby be able to pull off the sacred double back flip?!? Let’s Find Out!!! Drive safe and have fun!

Check out the RC Car ZD Racing Pirate 3 here: https://bit.ly/2GKi11p
Buy this amazing metal RC Car ramp here: https://www.rcbashramp.com/
Best Tires Ever (Proline) – https://www.prolineracing.com/tires/trencher-x-3.8-traxxas-style-bead-all-terrain-tires-mounted.asp

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27 Responses to “RC Monster Truck Double Back Flip – ZD Racing MT8 Pirates 3 – TheRcSaylors”

  1. Pichardo Gabriel

    Nobody should be so deeply bothered that you bought something for yourself. It's your money , your rcs and your ramp. Enjoy it. I call it 200 dollars worth of a heck of alot of fun

  2. Todd Olathe Ks.

    Abbey might have better luck standing at the landing Area!! Only way you get good at it is doing its like a lot of things in life, but you guys wouldโ€™ve been better off using your maximus because itโ€™s much more durable or your armor vehicle any of those!!! Awesome video great people!!
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™

  3. Daniel Kearns

    It's all about value. Just because something is cheap does not mean it is a good value. To the Saylors this ramp is a good value. Their time is valuable. They can make a video or a ramp. I choose the video. They will also use this ramp a LOT, which I'm sure we'll enjoy!

  4. Adam Fields

    There should be a need for an honest review of your videos. This not only showed the durability of the ramp and the fun u can have with one but also the durability of the r/c. Everything covered in one video. Niiiice!

  5. SuperGliderman

    I think the ramp is good value,do you have any petrol buggys cos just got myself a 1/5th scale big foot and up to now never seen you with anything except lecky cars and buggy would be nice to see a petrol one on your channel.As far as the doom mongers are concerned you two we have an old saying here in my part of the UK (Frig them) cant please all of the people all of the time.


    I still say it's over-priced. 1/2 the price would be fair, (maybe slightly more than that even) and if the plastic ramps are 1/2 the price of this one, they are excessively overpriced as well. Now, if these are made by hand, I can understand some of the cost, as there is probably some time involved in bending the metal, and assembly to get nice tolerances on the connection points. It's a niche market as well, so the demand is lower, and that would contribute to a higher cost.

  7. JohnR

    Ramps are essential to bash!!
    Ramps are essential to bash!!
    Ramps are essential to bash!! Lol. If ya got a skate park or BMX track near, good for you. This is an AWESOME ramp for the costs. It will last forever. Flat bashing is okay but ya need "big air"! Love you guys and yur vids. Haters will hate but ignore them. The more viewers the higher percentage of negatively will be found. Keep it up!!

  8. Mark Greene

    A.W.E.S.O.M.E……Great video guys …..Way to go on that double Abby …… Better luck next time NATE ……can't wait for the next one …..

  9. Ross 281

    The ramp is not wide enough and for 200 dollars you could build 4 ramps at different degrees of angle and ramps a lot wider and with caster wheels so you dont have to carry it. You gotta be a complete idiot to spend 200 dollars for 1 rc ramp. By the way aren't you a man? What kinda man doesn't know how to build a ramp? Lmao

  10. Robert Hartmann

    Hay!!! Which is better.. that force rc muckraker.. see u guys didn't get epidemic truck.. but is this zd pirate 3 monster truck is very tough. Or force rc muckraker truggy.. which one is better truck for rtr.. basher

  11. Merry Boozer RC

    Bashing is so much fun but I found out I wasnโ€™t much for fixing them lol. But I love watching people ramp the crap out of there trucks on YouTube. Looks like a lot of fun guys. Keep it up.

  12. Great Lakes RC

    I just built a wood ramp 40" long x 30" tall x 36" wide to fit in my vehicle. It cost $30. It's really not that difficult, you only need a jigsaw and a tape measure ๐Ÿ‘

  13. COCC

    Since y'all like monster trucks so much, will we ever get a chance to to the primal rc raminator monster truck on your channel

  14. portargo

    13:30 (about) — "You know this was supposed to be my R/C, right?" (She's worried the you guys are going to have to turn the ramp "turtle," to hold are the various car parts.)


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