Ever wondered what it would be like for an American redneck to try to define Canadian words and slang? Now is your chance to find out! This short and fun video is brought you by our Canadian friends at Flo Pro Exhaust.

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34 Responses to “Redneck Defines Canadian Slang”

  1. My opinion

    Donair I would guess mainly eastern Canada
    Kerfuffle is an old term mainly still used in eastern Canada
    Bunny hug mainly Saskatchewan term. Hoodie the rest of Canada
    Never heard of a dart before Ontario?
    Honey wagon old term not used much anymore
    Gonch launch never heard of it
    Mickey a small beer ?????
    Hooped is also an older term

  2. Jim Beam

    Here's the problem with Canada. There are 9 million Canadians who speak french and aside from Toque wouldn't know any of these words. And the rest of the country is regional so there are very few things common to all of us.

    I'm an English Canadian and have lived here for 40 years and have never heard of donair, bunny hug, honey wagon, gonch launch or hooped. And I have no idea if dart is regional or not but I lived in Montreal for a decade and Ontario for 30 years and never once heard that expression even though I smoked duMaurier for a decade. That's six expressions I have never heard of and must be regional. Kerfuffle isn't a Canadian word either, it's British. Canada has precious little culture of its own and these videos do nothing more than prove this. The only expressions that are consistently English Canadian are eavestroughs, homo milk, toque, pablum and double double. That ain't much.

  3. cslcojoco

    Ha! I enjoyed that. Loved the creative redneck guesswork. Way to think on your feet. There's a lot of words here I thought were standard English. Donair? Eavestrough? Pablum? What does the rest of the world call donairs and eavestroughs and pablum then? Ya learn something new every day. I'm a Canadian living in another country with a lot of Americans around me, and I often get blank looks from them when I use vocab I didn't realize was regional. I never have heard of a cigarette as a dart, though.


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