2013 Documentary
Tony Monaghan was raised in a large, poor family in rural western Ireland. With only five years of education, he left home as a teenage migrant worker to one day own and run a successful construction business in St. Louis, Missouri. Having overcome the most difficult of obstacles, he is baffled by the apathy and the substance abuse problems of American construction workers.

Premiered at the historic Hi-Pointe Theatre in St. Louis (11/19/13)
Official selection St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase 2014
Official selection The Louisiana Academy of Film Awards and Festival 2015


23 Responses to “Rednecks + Culchies Official Trailer”

  1. mpfaffmann

    What a fantastic documentary of real life stories! I was astounded by the bravery of making a documentary that is so raw to the end with no Special effects or actors used. This takes us from the world we know and brings us back to reality that we as a people sometimes forget.These are real people telling real stories. A look at the lower class working men and women from "The Gateway To The West", the City of St. Louis, MO., through the eyes of an Irishman who migrated from Rural West Ireland. The thoughts and opinions of how someone in the working class of another country views the laborers in a big American city is unprecedented. This is an 'outside the box' look that can't be matched by today's standard of film making. If you are tired of documentary's with insincere attitudes and rehearsed screenplays then it's time to get back to the basics. Take a look at the real working class of our nation and their struggles.

  2. Louis Azcona

    “Red Neck + Culchies”, a film made by Anthony Monaghan gives an analytical look at the troubles in America’s working class. The film talks about Culchies- country folks in Ireland who are similar to red necks in America.  Most red neck are either English and/or Scottish decedents living in rural Americans. Anthony explains he and other Culchie connect with red necks because they are both hard-working, self-reliant people who are concern with being real.  Anthony interviews people that have worked for his company, Irish Construction, in St. Louis. These interviews reveal the magnitude of the problems working people face with drugs and violence.  As a business owner and a Christian, Anthony is stuck between a rock and hard place; he wants to do what is best for his company, but also wants to help people at the same time.  Anthony often puts people before profits unlike corporate America, he looks at his employees as people not as just a means to the end.
     The film reveals the truth about how helping people is a tough business.  It can be costly and heartbreaking.  The struggle to make a living while dealing with addiction, incarceration, and inadequate health care, is nearly impossible.  I enjoyed this movie very much.

  3. jayson jennings

    This film is amazing. It gives a raw inside view of the working class culture. I would recommend it to anyone. The documentary format of it was well done.

  4. Rednecks and Culchies

    Rednecks + Culchies is going to the Deep South!

    The Louisiana Academy of Film Awards and Festival will present Tony Monaghan's documentary at the University of New Orleans on Sunday, October 18th at 7pm.

    Not too bad for a culchie, eh?

  5. sussertheoriginal

    I met Tony near his ranch in Ireland. I stopped my  motorhome to watch him riding his horse down the lane from his ranch  and he stopped for a chat. Smashing bloke. A pleasure to meet you Tony.

  6. cynarra madison

    I am so excited to see this come to fruition!!! I am glad to see what started as a "man this should be on film" one morning loading up the truck, to a movie!! Tony you are brilliant this was very well executed and I wish you much success with this. You are inspirational to me this shows how to make your own luck no silly leprechauns needed!!!

  7. Sunny Shen Ford

    this is something that is very personable, well executed, intimate and exploding with genuity and passion. ive never seen anything like this and it brings light to struggle. this in itself is highly inspiring, and i dont know why this isnt at a movie theatre!!!!!!!!! GENIUS WORK. WANNTTTT TO SEE MORE!

  8. UniversalSailor44

    Now this is what I call a movie!!! A self-made man producing his OWN movie with his OWN money about hopes OWN life. You can understand why he's so successful in business. He understands that his story, as well as the stories of the men he employs, are just as worthy as any other. WAY TO GO Tony!!!


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