3 Responses to “Rednecks + Culchies”

  1. McBastard Tv

    The one guy who robbed a bank who said his cop was his neighbor rated him out so he got probation is a lie but as you don't get probation for robbing a thank you go to federal prison.

  2. Breyanna Craft

    This is one of my favorite documentaries. It really pulls you into to the lives of the people featured in this movie and it's amazing. Hollywood may make all of the big and fancy movies but this was raw and real. Then learning that the man who came up with this did it all on his own. No help from anyone else and even came out of his own pocket is beyond phenomenal. The director has hands down changed lives with this documentary as well as the producer. I hands down recommend this film to all because it deserves to be seen.

  3. Samantha Erickson

    Tony, I know you've been waiting for me to sit down and write this review and I promised I would. Took me a while to think of what to say and have a free moment to do so. I thought this documentary was great. It's cool to see the behind the scenes of the construction force. I used to help my mom flip houses when I was a kid and always thought it would be great to work in a trade. I loved seeing the old videos of you and your daughter traveling around, etc. It's like by watching this I got to know you a bit better. It's fascinating to see your history; where you came from, the things you worked so hard to build, all your travels; and the fact that you care so much about the guys in your employ. It's hard to put so much stock in people and care so much for those who often don't care about, or hold much stock in themselves sometimes. And also seem to take advantage of that fact, when there is someone out there just trying to give them a chance to change the tide. While it's true that a lot of construction workers, (and most people in general ) have one vice or another that's dragging them down for whatever reason. Even if they are good functioning addicts at that. But not all do. I think the only thing I didn't like about this documentary is that it portrayed all American construction workers as addicts, or ex cons, or that they all are crazy, etc. that's just not true. If you offer good pay, good benefits, good work environment, etc. good workers will follow. sometimes they are harder to find though I'll admit, and you've gotta make due with what you have, and try to make it a positive thing. But you've gotta know how to find them. and know who deserves a second, and a third chance. Who is going to put in that extra effort to do a good job and help you and your business grow. and who won't. I don't really know what I'm getting at with this. and I hope I haven't offended. this documentary really makes you think. and I appreciate you sharing it with me.


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