June 29, 2018 Hot Wheels Monster Trucks! Last year, Feld Entertaiment signed with Spin Master to make Monster Jam trucks. These brand new Hot Wheels “Monster Trucks” just appeared. Were they the result of Feld discontinuing their long-standing relationship with Mattel or did Spin Master just make a better offer? Or, did Mattel have these planned all along and Monster Jam said see you later? What’s your thoughts?

I showed a few 1:24 Hot Wheels Monster Jam including Special Delivery (Dairy Delivery), Bone Shaker, Time Flys, Captain America, Hot Wheels Since 68 and Razin Kane. Mattel has done monster trucks with their Matchbox brand as well and I had Flame Stopper, Jungle Tamer and the new Jurassic World ’93 Jeep Wrangler.

A couple overside Disney Pixar cars, Van Scanlane and Roscoe

Featured topics/comments:
What movie did you see the Matchbox Jeep Wagoneer?
T-Rex Tuesdays!

#askracegrooves and last Weekend Show comments:
Is my channel suffering due to competition or other channels getting exclusive sets before they hit retailers?
Collections Corner?

Clasic 1930’s Cars by Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning and Matchbox

Matchbox case unboxing with Jeep Wagoneer and bonus content!

Truckin’ Tuesday! New Matchbox Mercedes-Benz Unimog and the Matchbox Jurassic World multipacks from 2015

Monster Jam Hot Wheels Firestorm Anaheim, CA January 24, 2015


Monster Jam playlist by RaceGrooves

Last week’s, Weekend Show

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Truckin’ Tuesday playlist

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50 Responses to “RGWS Hot Wheels Monster TRUCKS! June 29, 2018 #askracegrooves”

  1. Kraco

    Help me out here. It looks like the 1/64 scaleΒ Hot Wheels Monster Truck's tires look bigger then the Hot Wheels Monster Jam Trucks. Is that true ?

  2. Jay Gilbert

    Hey Mark, I recently went back to watch your old Sizzlers review (one of your first ten videos) and Carl's Childhood Hot Wheels Redline Collection, so I began wondering, are Sizzlers the same size as regular models? Or is there a size difference in them?

  3. MonsterTruckClassics

    I don't care for the new line of HW Monster Trucks. I like collecting toys based off the real trucks. How much money do you think one Spin Master 1:64 Monster Jam will cost? Around the same price or more?

  4. Eirik Nalder

    #Racegrooves Hey Mark! I had an Idea, with the Cobra Hot wheels race set, do a video of it, BUT add in the spinning cobras from the track time video remember? But put the cobra mouth at the end of the winners runs! Cool idea yeah?

  5. Faster The Dragster

    What a great RGWS! Love the office backdrop setup with the shelves Mark, looks great! and as for Hot Wheels "Monster Trucks"… I haven't been this excited about it in a long while, I can't wait to see them and start adding them to the collection! I hope those bigger tires still fit behind the launch gates, lol Happy forth of July Mark, God Bless You!

  6. Bram Collier

    Hey, great weekend show πŸ™‚
    Been a while since I commented I think but I'm still here :p Really enjoyed that thumbnail of the mbx case πŸ˜‰

  7. Ants Resto

    Your made my day more dairy delivery monster trucks thankyou for all the great info now let hope they cum out in Australia

  8. John Osbourn

    What other Trucks will be in the new Hot Wheels Monster Trucks series, Mark? Also, Hot Wheels will be adding a UniMog truck to their 2019 Mainline, as well.

  9. Ken Winsor

    OMG The Simon and Simon Macho Power Wagon 😍 Thx for showing ( man Mark, 1st time I ever said that to someone 😱😁 ) as you know I'm on The Hunt For That 😍 I may have to pull the trigger on eBay, ugh………πŸ˜žπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Antonio Catalano

    Last to like and comment and a question for the next # ask race grooves on the next video can you do a rewiew of some new hot wheels cars? But as always good video πŸ˜‰

  11. Drivers Ed

    The new Hot Wheels β€œMonster Trucks” are really nice! Much better detail than their β€œMonster Jam” line. I just picked up 7 of the 16 truck series, love them!

  12. Joyoustye

    None of the new Hot Wheels Monster Trucks are real life Monster Trucks. They are just unlicensed trucks based on either a pre-existing Hot Wheels car, or something new. It's really nice to see several old castings return from the HWMJ line. Also I really love Loco Punk I'm definitely getting that one along with maybe Bone Shaker. Oh also, I'm Matthew Henderson is you remember. I used to watch this channel a lot but I've been too busy to watch most of your new videos. I made a new gmail account so that's why I'm not on that old account.

  13. MJFan2017

    I'm so happy for how Hot Wheels has their own indendent monster trucks now I am going to go to Walmart to collect these! πŸ™‚

  14. sirmugman

    ah so this is why its up on a saturdat so you can go out and blow stuff up, happy july 4th! shame we don't celebrate it, oh well i'll just blow the coms on bomberman up

  15. John Drahucz

    Thanks race grooves cool video I am in for the new monster trucks . I like the packaging and the graphics . Keep on collecting

  16. Jokerfan 52

    I've been collecting hot wheels monster jam trucks since 2006, and my favorite hot wheels casting is bone shaker. I am going to buy the 1:64 scale bone shaker Monster truck to add to the collection.
    I am sad that Mattel will no longer will make monster jam trucks but oh well the new spin Master trucks look nice.
    Thanks for the information, enjoy your weekend

  17. JohnSTF72

    The Remote-Controlled Gyrosphere at 3:01 sounds really cool. I'd love to see this one get reviewed. The new Monster Trucks line seems good. Hot Wheels Delivery at 8:42 and Bone Shaker at 9:09 look great. Personally, i'm in.
    Thanlk for another nice episode RaceGrooves.


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