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Highlights from the 1999 USHRA Monster Jam event held at the Kingdome in Seattle, Washington (January 9, 1999). This was the final Monster Jam event to be held in the Kingdome, before it was demolished on March 26, 2000.

Monster Trucks in attendance included:
-Bear Foot (Mike Dropik)
-Captain America (Jeff Bainter)
-Grave Digger #12 (Dennis Anderson)
-Jurassic Attack (Kevin Weenk)
-Maniac (Don Frankish)
-Monster Patrol (Rod Schmidt)
-Obsession (Byron Halverson)
-Samson (Dan Patrick)
-Survivor (Chuck Jordan)
-Wild Thing (Marvin Anderson)


21 Responses to “Seattle, WA 1999 Event Highlights”

  1. jeep guy

    I was at this show and I remember wicked stick showing up the big trucks with a massive jump wish you had video of that

  2. DiggerFanJSB

    @TheMarkus100000 Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger) won the event, defeating Rod Schmidt (Monster Patrol) in the finals. The final round race is at 4:05 in the video.

  3. DiggerFanJSB

    @marcus8151 The U.S. Off-road Series event in March was also televised on TNN's Motor Madness in 1999. There are some videos on YouTube already, of Grave Digger's freestyle from the event (If you've seen the videos of Grave Digger #8 freestyling on a MTEG-type track, with most of the body missing, those are from that event).

  4. DiggerFanJSB

    @09peri Here's a list of monster trucks that competed at this event: Bear Foot (Mike Dropik), Captain America (Jeff Bainter), Grave Digger #12 (Dennis Anderson), Jurassic Attack (Kevin Weenk), Maniac (Don Frankish), Monster Patrol (Rod Schmidt), Obsession (Byron Halverson), Samson (Dan Patrick), Survivor (Chuck Jordan), Wild Thing (Marvin Anderson).

  5. 09peri

    I was at this show!!!! Does anyone know ALL of the trucks that were there??? I am trying to put the pictures I have together but don't know all the their names. I only need two more. they are the blue trucks.

  6. 85raminator

    holy crap i remember watching these every friday night as a kid, loved the stadium trucks! never knew samson was running a KB always thought it was an all chevy truck…

  7. DiggerFanJSB

    @NeuesZiel Dan Patrick still owns and drives the Samson monster truck, however, I've heard that he may have plans to retire from driving soon.

  8. DiggerFanJSB

    @MrAvenger2 Yes, that was a U.S. Off-road series event held at the Kingdome in March 1999, and was the final Pace Motorsports-sanctioned event in the Kingdome. I think Bounty Hunter and 2Xtreme were also at that event, performing freestyle runs on the track.

  9. Dalton Hastings

    didnt they have like a offroad event in this facility where Grave digger smashed up all the water barriers and lost his body during a freestyle

  10. DesertRacer75

    @DiggerFanJSB Oh yeah, of course, lol. I can't believe I forgot that one, haha. That place has got some history too. Good and bad, if you recall that terrible accident that happened about 2 years ago, but that's not the point here. Kudos on the upload man.

  11. DiggerFanJSB

    @DesertRacer75 The closest venue to Seattle that still hosts monster truck events (that I know of), is the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington.

  12. DesertRacer75

    I miss the old Kingdome… Never been there but I thought it was cool, cause it had a huge floor, and hosted many great monster truck events. Are there any other venues in the Seattle area that still host MT shows?


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