27 Responses to “Side x Side Epic fails 2017”

  1. Matthewseven13

    All these guys should have a sign on their machine that reads "Beware:Dumbass that has no respect for his machine or money that bought it is driving, please keep 100 yards away from this vehicle."


    Most of the morons in these videos were obviously dropped repeatedly on their heads as babies. Hell, I've wrecked before…but I was like 15 or 16 years old and I learned my lesson. Ride like a fucking moron & wreck your shit…now you fucking pay to fix it and until you do, your ass stays parked. I'm betting 100% of these assholes have nothing to their names but their wrecked sxs, yet they continue to ride like fucking morons.

  3. Trevor Jones

    My Dad told me a few times while I was growing up,that if you do stupid things don't tell anyone. Well these people are the classic example if stupid people doing really stupid shit.


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