Landslide XTE:
We got a couple new RedCat Landslide XTE’s and were very impressed with the durability and ruggedness of it so we decided to put it to the test with a good old fashioned game of SKATEPARK CAR!

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  1. Raycefan

    I am an old school r/c car driver from back in the late 80s. I had an original Tamils Hornet. Any r/c vehicle that can jump 30-50 feet in the air, have a head on collision with concrete, and not shatter into a gabillion pieces, I want.

  2. cameron haga

    You guys should practice more before the next video . I think your channel has potential but at this early stage it's like watching two noobs putting blinker fluid in there flux capacitor and expecting their electric car to go faster .

  3. Kilekott

    How is that car so stable in air and always lands smoothly? I have always wanted a answer for this question, so go ahead πŸ™‚

  4. shawn cell

    ford bronco with suspension 4×4 at walmart just as fun 29 dollars……………..not 307 dollars the red cat looks fun but its still a toy

  5. Robert H

    Looking for a truck I can get for my dad. He's not very technical when it comes to repairs. What's the most rugged truck available in your opinion?

  6. Chris Dunn

    Sorry guys, thumbs down for trashing expensive stuff for no good reason (e.g. frame bender at the end). My kids and I do look forward to the fpv. That sounds awesome!

  7. Andrew Johnson

    I love that you guys are doing RC cars too. I actually started with RC cars. Makes me want to go to storage dig in my T-Maxx parts bin and build up a T-Maxx.

  8. younghex

    You guys got to add instant slow motion replays after every jump and have a Mavic flying in the air and recording. Get that extra camera angle

  9. Bad Engineering

    Alex/Austin you should do a budget high speed challenge! using cheapo brushless kits and basic cars, attempted myself and have a 60+mph buggy (clocked at 53mph still lifting a wheel!) and the setup cost less than $100!


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