It’s day 2 of Monster Jam World Finals which means it’s time for the freestyle championship!
Big thanks to Feld Entertainment and MullenLowe for bringing us out to the event!
Check out Day 1 with racing:
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So Many Stunts! So Many Crashes! Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle |


40 Responses to “So Many Stunts! So Many Crashes! Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle |”

  1. Philip Sandercock

    So in the UK we don't really do monster trucks and if it is the aren't nowhere as good as these, I use to watch the series monster jam, 7- 8nyrs ago, I've noticed that these seem to go higher the movability is better , also they seem to get back on their wheels if they go on their sides whats so different now

  2. Mario Gillette

    Grave Digger has been my favorite since his beginnings, but I'm not a big fan of the being more than one at the same event. It takes away the specialness of seeing my favorite truck. I do like the "sibling" trucks though, like Son Uva Digger and Grave Digger Legend. Ooooo, Daughter Digger! Now that's a good name!

    My all time, number one favorite will always be USA-1.

  3. GILLYbOb

    i miss it when me and my dad used to go to these, he got tickets for me, him and my brother almost every year, but he cant afford em now

  4. Devin McNeil

    Man I miss the days where you had to do good and win in the season to be compete at the finals. Now it seems too predictable and if you drive a specific truck you're automatically in. I hate that. Bring back the old days. I mean come on, where are the trucks like "gun slinger" and "king krunch" and all those other older trucks


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