46 Responses to “Son-Uva-Digger Monster Truck Breakdown!”

  1. Hoonigan Bonus

    NEWSFLASH! Since our man Ryan Anderson crushed it in the Freestyle Competition at Monster Jam, Sand Diego >>> it's HOONIGAN GOLD sticker time >>> grab a FREE GOLD CBar sticker with any order, FREE GOLD Hits V2 Koozie w/$50 orders, FREE GOLD Hits V2 Mug w/$100 orders >>> 48hrs only, while supplies last >>> only at hoonigan.com!

  2. Garonen

    I was watching a Monster Jam event on TV when I was younger and I saw the Wolverine Truck go completely sideways because the tires were both turning the same way. I never understood why it did that but watching 10:35 , now I understand. One of the sensors that re-centers the axle must've broken. The more you know.

  3. Supertrucky

    LOL! Ryan Anderson's words at 4:00….. "Tomorrow I'm probably going to rip this thing out, (the axle) I don't really know for sure, there's no guarantee – but more then likely something really bad is going to happen to the truck." ….. this ULR was the next day….

    (watch 2:15)

  4. Eric Schmall

    Those tires are tiny haha, compared to the shit I change at work lol. Some of the shit I do has a 49" RIM. Tire stands about 10ish feet tall, and some are like 7-8' wide.

  5. zach golish

    Insane!! I was actually at the monster jam I Tacoma Washington when you guys were there. And I've always wondered about there setup. Even after scouring the internet to figure it out there is minimal information on these badass monsters. So I was stoked too see you jabrones of all people drop some knowledge on me!!! So badass great job guys!

  6. Keefe Spencer

    The kids are beast in their own rights in monster trucks but their dad Dennis Anderson was the and still is the Man in monster truck racing and monster jam freestylin

  7. Derrick McGimsey

    I was very young when I got to see Bigfoot..seen it outside freedom hall after the event and when Dan Runte fired it up scared me so bad I ran for the doors. Badass machines

  8. Baxter Block

    Ok can somebody pls explain to me how this motor is cooled I see no radiator. And I have been next a monster truck before also and couldn’t figure out how it was cooled then either

  9. Ian Derzsi

    At first I thought Monster Jan was a lot like Pro Wrestling… But unlike Pro Wrestling where once I turned 13 realized was kinda fruity, I'm 35 now and I still think Monster Jam is one of the most bad-arse motorsport in the world.

    Thanks Hoonigan for reminding me for the upcoming event in Anaheim. I'll be there on the 2nd.

  10. mrhazel

    Can't wait to take my son's in March when they are in Seattle for the first time in 20 years!!

    Fun fact: his dad was the last one to ever freestyle in the Kingdome back in 1999!!

  11. Xarzamora *

    This was so cool to learn about. This is my first time watching one of your videos… but I'm a HUGE Monster Jam fan so when I saw this in my recommended videos list with Ryan Anderson, I didn't hesitate to watch it! I love how passionate he is about Monster Trucks. I could listen to him talk all day! I really enjoyed learning about the art work on his truck and hearing about his childhood. He's doing an amazing job carrying on his father's legacy. I watched this video and the one where he talks about the track and everything. That was awesome too!

  12. kcVIP

    5::16 LOOK AT THAT GIANT LEAK!!! Giant wet spot on the tire leading to a dark pool on the ground. I hope they fixed that before they blew up one of those planetary gear sets >.>


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