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Saturday, February 16th, 2019
Son-uva Digger moonwalks to win Syracuse Freestyle | 2017 MONSTER JAM

Son-uva Digger moonwalks to win Syracuse Freestyle | 2017 MONSTER JAM


Son-uva Digger does an incredible moonwalk to cap off his run and take home the Syracuse Freestyle win.


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Son-uva Digger moonwalks to win Syracuse Freestyle | 2017 MONSTER JAM




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  1. I'm a Max D fan.. Huge Max D fan , actually… but this.. THIS IS THE BEST FREESTYLE RUN EVER

  2. stunts have changed soooo much since the last 20 years!!!!!!

  3. I saw him in Vegas he didn't win but damnit he should have he is by far my favorite monster truck. Learned from his dad and then blew past him

  4. I lived four miles from their home base in Currituck. They seem like really nice people.

  5. This IS America at its best!

  6. This got me back into monster jam

  7. He learned from the best!

  8. Ryan's dad stands up, "That my boy, my blood!"

  9. Still the best freestyle I've ever seen!!!

  10. That was awesome then at the end ! Are you serious 1 tire?

  11. Does anybody drive better than Ryan Anderson? Nope

  12. 131 people drive a prius and those small smart cars

  13. That save at the very end… MY GOD.

  14. That’s driving at the next level. What’s next? Motor sports have come so far

  15. Wow i didn't know tom mentz is a commentator now

  16. Monster trucks have come so far! I remember back in the 80’s, you had to go to a tractor pull to see Bigfoot drive SLOWLY on top of two cars and park there 😂😂. Still, we screamed almost as loud as this crowd!

  17. Could be the best freestyle ever

  18. That cinematic finish though

  19. When the people at runs the monster trucks shows start getting politically correct and making the trucks remove images of guns are bullets I'm done

  20. Went to Monster Jam 2019 in Tampa and this still is one of the best. This was a beast run..

  21. I've got to go watch these in a big arena bucket list for sure

  22. That sucked in so many ways for everyone else who was trying to beat him !!

  23. The torch has been passed!

  24. This is one of the best freestyles I've ever seen!

  25. One of the greatest to ever do it

  26. See i came here for 1:59 that sound though

  27. The only driver that has better throttle control than Dennis imo

  28. Why is Speed still doing Monster Jam?!?

  29. Spitting flames outta the pipes doing the moonwalk …that was sick

  30. In the back of his helmet it said hooligan.

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