11 Responses to “Stadium Super Monster Trucks finals”

  1. musicman3005

    oo n just to ive been a monster truck fan for 22 yrs do i know what im talkin about i say just leave monster trucks the way they are n stop making em big off road racers!!

  2. musicman3005

    hmmph i dont know ppl bout tihs i mean i really dont think this will catch on. its to long kids arent gonna sit n watch em race that long n where freestyle hmm i like the old stlyle monster truck racing that they used to do like staright line n j tracks they dont do them no more

  3. Dustin Parks

    From what I was reading they didn't sell a lot of tickets in the upper level, but the lower levels actually sold really well. The biggest issue I was getting was that the fans didn't know what doors they couldn't go out, like for cigarette breaks. Some weren't let back in due to the fact they went out the wrong one. But sales were good.

  4. Kurt Workman

    Damn! That was killer racing, really shows what kind of action and excitement you can put on in an arena. A+ to SST, I'm going to try like hell to make the midwest region shows now!


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