SiriusXM Kid’s Place Live #1 song of 2016!!!

“Monster Truck” is the first single from Sugar Free Allstars’ self-titled fourth studio album, released on April 2, 2016 and available for purchase here:

Video shot, edited and produced by Nathan Poppe and Travis Tindell.

Song Influences: Deep Purple, MC5, 1970s easy listening music, and arena rock concerts

Listen For: Vocal nods to Black Sabbath and AC/DC, mentions of the band Air Supply and the movie “Beaches”

Special thanks to:
Sebastian Savage – for starring in our music video and driving the Monster Truck like a boss
Fowler Volkswagen of Norman – for location support and general awesomeness
Boom Jr – for letting us borrow his Monster Truck
Fisher-Price – for manufacturing such an awesome Monster Truck

Sugar Free Allstars are among the ‘Top 12 Family Music Artists in America’ according to Time magazine. They’ve had multiple #1 songs on SiriusXM radio’s ‘Kids Place Live,’ were featured on a Grammy Award-winning album, and have performed with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and Winston-Salem Symphony.

Sugar Free Allstars is Chris “Boom!” Wiser (keyboards, lead vocals) and Rob “Dr. Rock” Martin (drums, vocals). The bowtie-clad super duo calls their unique style, “Family Funk,” blending elements of soul, rhythm & blues, disco, gospel and New Orleans street parade music.

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20 Responses to “Sugar Free Allstars // “Monster Truck” (Official Music Video)”

  1. Kaitlyn Williams

    our 3 yo is speech delayed but boy does he know how to say 'onster uck'! hahahaha we LOVE it, and all your songs! The whole line up are regulars in our house 😉

  2. Holly Mommaerts

    We saw you guys at the Willie is for Everyone show at the Scottish Rite Theater in Austin and my 4 year old daughter told everyone about this song. I can't wait to show this to her! Thanks for creating fun, rock music for kids! The show was great.

  3. John Reynolds

    Sugar free is for me! I realize how corny my comment is. l also like corn. Corn is processed for its sugars. Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, I was thinking about a song cornbread. Love you brothers!

  4. Jizanthapus

    I just heard this on 98.9 in Austin, TX while I was driving and couldn't stop laughing. The video makes it even better. In addition to the influences you listed, I also heard some similarities to the Melvins, Green Jello and Frank Zappa. Awesome song! Thanks for the laugh.


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