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Please watch: “Meet The WORST Fortnite Player Ever. (Fortnite Funny Moments)”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdao7Fyodqk –~–
SUPER CARS VS MONSTER TRUCKS! (GTA 5 Online Funny Moments – New Sumo Adversary Mode Maps)

Hey guys, haven’t done GTA 5 Funny Moments recently so I decided to throw one together from recent clips. Next two videos will most likely be commentaries, one of which relating to the lack of montages I have been uploading. Let me know if you want to see anything different. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed.

Username- camars1
Name- Cam
YouTube- You are on it right now…

Social Media:
Instagram: Camarsone1
MySpace: CamarsOne (That’s a lie I don’t have MySpace)

Friends in vid:
Shawn (goal-444) – The one who spilled water on himself and his wiener shriveled up
Tyler (Ventuswing) – The Asian kid
Josh (BernsteinBears) – The one who knocked me off several times even though I was on his team
Carter (Chicken_Zumba) – The one who said “no” 20 times within 45 seconds
Mason (Kylo-Ren7246) – The one who yelled at Carter for saying “no” too many times
Casey (OPOtaco_99) – The one who told Shawn and me to double team Carter before he said no 20 times


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  1. Marcel Salas

    Listen bro I think it's a pretty decent video, it's always great to see small youtubers make videos and everything but you have to have more commentary to keep some people entertained otherwise your gonna lose your audience, good vid bud just make some tweaks to your delivery


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