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Thursday, April 18th, 2019
Super Fast 45+ MPH & Affordable RC Car!! JLB Cheetah – FULL REVIEW

Super Fast 45+ MPH & Affordable RC Car!! JLB Cheetah – FULL REVIEW


► JLB Cheetah (Gearbest):
► Watch my NEW Racing Bison RC car:

You may have seen some famous youtubers like Dude Perfect, Roman Atwood, or Devin Supertramp driving Traxxas RC cars in recent videos as these are becoming super popular, and fun to drive anywhere, with price becoming more affordable/cheaper!

This Cheetah RC Car is crazy FAST and a ton of fun!!
It’s a 1/10th scale, off-roading, buggy racing car/truck that is really affordable compared to a lot of the “bigger brands”.
Inside it has a brushless, waterproof motor, powering 4-wheel drive. Includes a 4000 mAh battery; in my testing it lasted between 21-30 minutes of drive time, and takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge.

I clocked top speed to be around 45 MPH (~72 kmh)!!! Haha, it’s so fast, it never gets old just racing around the ground or dirt or sand.
The hydraulic shocks are amazing, and durability is very solid. It’s taken some massive drops, flips, and crashes and keeps going strong.

Links from Youtuber References:
-Dude Perfect RC vid:
-Roman Atwood RC vid:
-Devinsupertramp RC vid:

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  1. Is it childish to want one cuz I want one but it's a little pricey

  2. I have an rc car that goes about 90 miles per hour

  3. Can you wipe them how much the cheetah at 4

  4. Is your treasure and heart towards RC car Racing 😉 ?

  5. O bro your car and you very nice yar ultimate oooossssmmm

  6. Arrma is a better choice. You will find parts support difficult with this brand.

  7. I was like affordable yeah this could be cool

  8. This comment section gave me cancer.

  9. Only $264 guys it is “only” 264

  10. People in the comment section aren't familiar with rc prices. For what you get this is pretty good

  11. Please make a video for best rc car under rs.1500

  12. You can get an Arrma for $300 and it will blow this thing away.

  13. "Only" $265.

    And it falls apart.

  14. My Rc Car caned Go 85 MPH

  15. I did a review on this a while ago, its an epic car for the money!

  16. COOL! I have a off road RC truck it only goes 30 MPH

  17. What is the name of the Rc. An where can you get it at

  18. I have a traxxas rustler for $200 and it runs the same speed with a lipo

  19. Can you buy a jlb cheetah for me

  20. Get the traxxas rustlet rtr 169.99 50 mph stock with everything

  21. Vortex 1/18 scale a979b truck and a959b car buggy have a 540 or 550 motpr and go 40mph up to 43 mph and cost 60 70.00 dollars

  22. Y'all expect to pay 100 bucks? Or what. This is not a Target rc.

  23. Put blue loctite on the wheel stud threads they won't back off anymore and its pretty easy to break loose if need be

  24. What you think it would be great

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